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Drinking from the firehose - or the latest update on my status

If you ever wondered why there isn't a lot of activity on this blog lately, even if I said that I will try to be more active, now I'm ready to share the news. Well, the unexpected hapenned and in the past 4 months I've gone through a relocation process to Redmond, WA, United States, and more specifically to Microsoft. If you ever relocated, even for a few miles, you know that there a lot of things to do, starting from giving notices to landlord and utilities, to packing and shipping things, and most important the order of packing things. Personally I learned the hard-way that if you have two types of freight, one that is faster one that is slower, think not twice, but ten times what you put in the faster freight. Now I'm renting houseware until my slower shippment arrives... A relocation that has left me without a computer and any other stuff for a few months, but otherwise a quite successful relocation.
Until I got here, and I was reading other bloggers posts that said about "drinking from the firehose" I thought: "Yeah, that can'be so bad, I mean they are humans too!". After my first days I realized that this is true, the quantity of information is huge and there is a lot to learn and to find. So, I am a Microsoft employee right now.

And as of today, a lot of things shipped as Beta2 (released at WINHEC2006):

WinFX Runtime Components

Visual Studio Extensions

You must have MSDN subscription or be part of the Beta program

Office 2007:

Apparently there are other bits that were shipped today and I didn't know (

And if you will be relocating, and need some advice about what to ship first use the feedback form.
Right now I'm back on track so expect more frequent posting here. Keep tuned!


Published Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3:27 PM by cchrism
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